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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ >> oh, what a classic. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. greta is next and see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. an 8th marine has died after a mortar shell explosion during a training accident in nevada. several marines were also hurt in the desert warfare training and new outrage over senator harry reid's remarks and is he playing politics with the giant tragedy? >> late last night, seven of our marines were killed and many others were injured in that explosion during a training exercise in nevada. and mr. president, it's very important that we continue training our military--
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one of the things that sequester is cut back in training and maintenance. cut back in training and maintenance, that's the way the sequester was written. it's just not appropriate, mr. president, that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women our marines training at hawthorne and with the sequester cut this stuff back. and with the sequester it's going to cut this stuff back. i just hope everyone understands the sacrifices made by our military, they are significant. significant. >> senator reid wasting no time using this military tragedy our nation's tragedy as an opportunity to talk with the the sequester. it's sparking outrage. senator reid disgusted by your attempt to politicize the seven deaths in nevada, if you
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possessed any shred of honor, you'd apologize now. >> senator reid's thoughts are with those-- and loved ones. marines would not be forced to operate under unsafe conditions due to budget cuts. so, that the apology congressman west was looking for? he joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> it's a pleasure to be with you, greta. before we get to the topic of whether or not that is what you're looking for from senator reid. your thoughts tonight with the announcement that now we have lost an 8th marine in that explosion? >> well, absolutely, condolences go out to the families of all those marines that lost their lives, especially one of the families who live locally in the south florida area where i reside, but that apology or faux apology is not sufficient. i believe the most important thing that senator harry reid
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just do is go over to the marine barracks and stand before a formation of marines and truly give an apology for what he said on the senate floor because for him to try to draw a connection between sequestration, budget cuts and what happened, we don't need anyone politicizing this event. in may of 2012 he had a totally different stance in a political article. but greta, i received countless amounts of e-mails from the regiment of retired marines and i'd just like to take the time to read one of those statements from a very senior retired marine officer, when he said the majority leader of the senate, a position which calls for the utmost and principled set of behavior, statesmanship, dignity and decorum not to mention intellect and common sense stoops to such callo political statements as those uttered by senator reid-- that would include his fellow
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senators, constituents, all americans especially those who have made and repeatedly honor a commitment to serve in harm's way when he required. now, i was an officer for 22 years in the united states army and i have a lot of experience with mortars, and one of the things that he should be looking at and allow people to do the investigation is to-- the mortar system and 81 millimeter systems, and a hot cookoff with that mortar round, for him to go on the senate floor and try to use this as some type of political statement, he needs to send an apology not just to the families, but to altima reasons and especially with the commandant of the marine corps. >> greta: is there any chance in your mind that it was just a clumsy statement? let me give you another spin on it, that what he meant that the sequester is so painful to the military, and his sort of clumsy trying to highlight the pain of the sequester and that it just sounded wrong? i realize that his statement
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isn't exactly an explanation, but is there any chance in your mind that that was just a stupid way to say something? >> well, let me take this quote from the senator harry reid from last year denouncing the republicans, scrambling to do away with cuts to defense, i will not accept that reid said, my people in the state of nevada and the country have had enough to whacking the programs we've cut to the bear bones. not only has he offended the united states marine corps and families who lost their loved ones,'s also a hypocrite when you think about what he said just may of last year. so, i don't see this as a clumsy statement, i see this as a deliberate thing that he has said. much the same as when he accused mitt romney of certain things from the senate floor. harry reid has to be called responsible for the statement that he made, and as i've said, he needs to go over to the marine barracks before a formation of marines, standing with the commandant and give
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an apology and not just have some spokes people from his office do it, cowardly. >> i will say that, you know, that it's with his statement that was issued by his office, if it's-- i find it difficult to say to think it was sort after clumsy statement that he made on the senate floor, other than maybe if his staff was just serving, increasing the problem for him. but i'm curious, i mean, you know, this whole idea of using a tragedy and this is a horrible tragedy, political ammunition, what's happened? >> well, i think that you see a lack of character. we have seen this whole scare tactic being used to, you know, by the administration and even by the president when it comes to sequestration, but to take an event, a tragic event which also happened back in march of 2011 at fort bragg, north carolina, this time occurred with a late weight 155 artillery piece, they tried to use this for political grand standing and
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politicking is reprehensible and despicable. i think it's time that the american people demand more and have harry reid, you know, be held accountable for the statement that he made because to try to impugn the training and readiness of our marine corps so he can make the cute political points, that's horrific. as i said regimental retired marine, senator reid, is not happy with you whatsoever. >> greta: i hope he takes advantage of his position and goes back to the senate floor and has another conversation for the american people with this. we'll see if takes your advice and goes and talks before the marine corps. thank you. >> always a pleasure, greta, thank you. >> greta: you heard response to the outrage over his comments. are you satisfied with senator reid's comments? yes or no. and go to our poll. now to the sequester, the scourge caused by politicians not doing their job. you know politicians not doing their jobs has an impact on young people and children in
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the country. the sequester is causing cuts to scholarships for the u.s. troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. each new college scholarship reduced by almost 40%. abc news political director rick klein joins us and abc news has been leading nationally on this story. what's going on here? >> so this is a program called the iraq and afghanistan war grants and this is a special program created for the children of servicemen and women who die wars in iraq or afghanistan. it isn't a lot of money, about $5,000 top scholarship. >> greta: a lot to them. >> a lot to them if you're trying to piece together a college education, not large in terms of the big picture, but because of the sequester, the department of education said that these grants are cut and new grants are cut by 38% across the board. anytime a new grant if it was $5,000 before, it's about $2,000 less than that. >> greta: here is what i don't get. this is almost 40% cut. and 38% cut. explain if the sequester was 2.4% cut across the board, why
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are the young people taking it at 38%, this cut? how, i would think they would have 2.4%. two things going on the. one it's spread over a shorter period of time. we're halfway into the fiscal year so that 2.4% cut has to actually go into effect over a shorter period of time. >> greta: make it 4.8 or 4.8 then. >> the other thing, there are things in the sequester that are called off making sure the men and women in afghanistan and iraq themselves aren't in harm's way. and vast majority of military spending not cut. so when there are programs that are targeted they take the disproportionate chunk of the hit and that's the point that, well, democrats and republicans have been making about this. even at 2.4% that we're talking about, that's a misleading figure because in individual areas because those are the areas that have to shoulder all of the burden, it can be a lot more of a sting. >> greta: in the selected area, make the choice that we're going to do this to these young people? >> it's opposite. congress made the choice to do this across the board to as many programs as could be,
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with the discretionary spending. >> we're back to 2.4%? >> this is one of the areas they didn't wall off. there were certain areas including pell grants that were walled off and wouldn't be impacted. this, however, was not touched so the department of education from their perspective, their hands are tied because get this, greta, the upshot, there are 37 students, 37 students who actually are a part of this program last year, so this is a grant total of about $165,000 in federal spending. so you're going to go ding about three dozen students and-- >> if you gave me eight hours, i could go to the department of education and find enough waste and easily do that. there's so much waste going on in every one of these governmental organization and to do this, the ding, as you say, to students is appalling. >> there's an illlogic to it or. but it's to create a series of things that would be so terrible and awful no way that congress would make it happen. >> greta: and different areas
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got walled off and special treatment and it isn't sort equal across the board. someone made a decision this group is getting hit and this group is not. >> the education department, the obama administration said that we love to have the flexibility to go in and slice the funding as we see fit, as it should be be managed, we don't have that flexibility because of the way the law is written. so there is talk providing that in military areas, but in areas like this it's hard to see unless there's a ground swell for a short-term solution to he restore the money. >> greta: and i thought the republicans offered the flexibility to the white house and white house declined it. >> they offered it on the defense side and it may happen. they said they want it as part of a broader package over the sequester, but we're getting to the point look, the sequester is the law, it's happened, the cuts are implemented. i think there's going to be more pressure to say, wait a second, back this up and find it in the civilian area and find something that shouldn't be cut and we cut it. >> greta: or find $137,000 whatever the number is, in
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waste in the department of education and they won't. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: on capitol hill, a debate the homeland security department released 2000 illegal detainees, including felons. and taking on ice director john morton. >> it appears to me that the release of detainees was part of the sequester campaign that included the fictional firing of the teacher, the closing of the white house for student tours, displaced meat inspectors and now we are going 0 release aggravated felons, some aggravated felons on to the street. what is a level one violater? >> a level one offender, first, i obviously disagree with your characterization about these being political-- >> that's fine you can use your time to disagree with the characterization, don't use mine. what is a level one violater. >> with regard to level one offenders, they are aggravated
7:15 pm
felons. >> and how many released? >> there are four presently. >> how many were released? >> eight were released. we have four presently. >> greta: congressman joins us. >> thank you. >> greta: were you satisfied with the answers from the director of ice today? >> not really, the politicalization of law enforcement. and i understand that politics affects everything in this town. you would like to think that public safety could be immune from it and the reality is they use the sequester as a front to try to embarrass congress by releasing people. >> greta: and i mean, did they have -- did they have to he release them. did they have the cuts to put the financial pinch on ice to release-- they have over 100 million dollars in unincumbered funds, with one request they can go
7:16 pm
to appropriations the at the committee level, we'd like to move this category. and never made the request. >> congress gave ice more money for detention than they requested last year. how many departments can say that. we gave them more detention money than they requested and yet, they're still saying they can't perform the number one thing, which is 2% of cut. >> air former federal prosecutor and so is john morton a former prosecutor. and why do you think he did it for political reasons that he released these or someone else had him release these people, or if he had the money or gotten it from congress, why did he release these people. >> i'm not 100% convictioned he made the decision. he has fallen on the sword and accepted responsibility. i cannot imagine the secretary of homeland security would allow thousands of level one, level two and level three
7:17 pm
offenders to be released and say that's not worth telling me about? so i'm not sure that he did it himself. to his credit he fell on the sword. i just think-- >> why to his credit? if you're trying to get to the bottom, if someone to take the credit and didn't do it, isn't so magnanimous if you're trying to get to the bottom of it. >> in this town you can't get everybody to accept responsibility. >> greta: if the wrong person does, either it was his decision or not his decision. >> it may have been his boss' decision and look, you're the head of ice and you're going to take the credit and you're going to take the krob responsibility. the reality there is no argument he did not have options, cut promotional material, cut out uniforms, cut out conferences, but to release people who are res residivist or aggregated felons, 600 a day, greta, 600 a day? >> do you think he did it
7:18 pm
because he thought this was the smartest, economical and practical thing to do or for political reasons to try to shovel sequestration down the throat of the republicans. >> i would think choice b of the multiple choice test. remember, arne duncan we'll fire teachers in west virginia and close the white house for tours, not for lobbyists, but for tours. we're going to release detainees. i think it's part of this comet maelstrom, controversy, trying to embarrass congress for the sequester and to the credit of the american people, they didn't fall for it. and now they're having to explain why they did this when nobody accepts the explanation we had no choice. nobody accepts that. >> greta: how many were released? >> a total of 2,600. >> greta: and what are the most serious crimes some are suspected of? >> if you've ever sat with someone who's been killed or family member been killed by a repeat drunk driver, i think releasing those drunk drivers
7:19 pm
is pretty big. aggravated felons. >> greta: what is that, different places means different things. >> could be something serious like a major drug offense. >> greta: armed robbery? >> it could be. i don't think in fairness, i don't know one of these four are, but randy forbes from virginia asked how many had gang affiliations? the director didn't have any idea. >> did they give you notice they were going to release 2600 or 2400. >> we had a memo leaked to us. if it weren't for a whistle blower we wouldn't know this. and the victims of weren't notified. and victims of the offense were not notified and in the traditional criminal justice system you have to let them know. they were not notified. the governors of the states were not notified. the sheriffs were not notified and united states attorneys were not notified. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: and colorado getting ready for tough new gun control laws this a local sheriff says he would not enforce. and the sheriff is here to
7:20 pm
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>> get ready for a big western style showdown, a sheriff takes on a governor in about 12 hours, the governor of colorado will sign new gun control legislation, but a sheriff in one colorado county is refusing to enforce the new laws. wells county sheriff john cook joins us, good evening, sheriff. >> good evening, greta, thank you for having me on. >> greta: thanks for being here. i understand the new law falls into two categories, background checks and magazines. why have you decided not to enforce the new law? >> for several reasons, but first, i'm sorry to see tomorrow come because we're going to throw away 150 years of tradition in the state of colorado. i feel sorry for our citizens, once the governor signs the bills. but i'm opposed to them because first off, it's a
7:25 pm
violation, infringement on our constitutional rights, not only the u.s. constitution, but our state constitution and plus, they are a knee jerk reactions, feel-good bill to a tragedy. and they're not going to do anything for public safety or for law enforcement. they're totally unenforceable, how can i enforce something that's unenforceable. >> greta: let me turn first to the background checks. how extensive are the background checks. >> they're a universal background check, that means no private sales. you cannot sell a gun to your neighbor, you can't sell it to your best friend. you have to go it a federal firearms dealer to have a background checks and basically an insta-check where the firearms dealer calls down to the colorado bureau of investigation and they run your name and date of birth and the problem is, it's not fingerprint check, they have a lot of common names and so a lot of people get denied their right to buy a gun right then and there. >> greta: and we'll talk about the practical effects. and from wyoming, i go into
7:26 pm
colorado and i give a gun to a criminal who then goes out and does something. i mean, there are even to a non-criminal. that's not the a sale and none of that transaction would be subject to a background check, right? >> that's correct. and that's one of the big fallacies about this bill. the criminals don't get background checks, so, one criminal won't say to another criminal, before i give you this gun for that meth we need to get a background check. it just doesn't happen and to think we're going to stop criminals from getting guns is ludicrous. >> greta: has the governor said anything to you or gotten wind of the fact that you do not intend to enforce this new law? >> i don't know, i'm sure he has heard. and i did get information from somebody that people down at the capitol and i'm assuming the governor are not happy with me for making this stance. >> greta: are other sheriffs in colorado standing with you or you're standing alone on this one? >> no, i believe there are a
7:27 pm
large number of sheriffs standing with me. when the sheriffs went down to testify against the gun bills, we had 30, and anytime the sheriff was it testify, all the sheriffs, all 29 sheriffs got up and stood behind us in a show of solidarity that we're adamantly opposed to these gun control bills. i know there are several sheriffs are going to do the same thing i am, and not enforce these bills. >> greta: are you elected? and if so, what's sort of been the response from the community to your position? >> i am elected. i'm in my third term and i've been the sheriff for ten and the response has been overwhelming. in the last 18 hours received over 6, 700 e-mails and out of those only ten have been negative. all the rest have been supportive. >> greta: no doubt in your mind, you're not going to enforce these two laws. >> there's absolutely no doubt in my mind i will not enforce these laws because i can't, i won't, i don't have the desire or the will to do it. >> greta: sheriff, thank you for joining us, sir.
7:28 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> greta: also tonight the possibility of congress approving an assault weapons ban just got slimmer. senate democratic leaders are now removing the ban from the gun control measure that the senate is set to debate. instead, the assault weapons ban will be offered later as an amendment. and that is according to a sponsor senator dianne feinstein and the senate majority leader, harry reid saying he's concerned for the assault position would block passage of any bill at all. coming up, right now, air force one is in the air. president obama's headed to israel. his first trip there as president. why is he going and what is the white house not telling us about the trip? ambassador john bolton is here to t that next. also, oh, is one of the women on "the view" ready to tell all. who is it and are her co-hosts worried about what she'll write about them? stay tuned to find out. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down.
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only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business. >> this is a fox news alert. there's new information tonight about the suspect use of chemical weapons in syria. house intelligence committee share mike rogers saying there is a high probability to believe that chemical weapons were used, but as there's still no final verification. now, earlier today the obama administration saying it has no evidence of chemical weapons used in syria. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> glad to be with you. >> greta: why the confusion? i can see maybe confusion who used the chemical weapons, but
7:33 pm
why the uncertainty whether chemical weapons are used in syria? >> it depends on what the nature of the chemical weapon is. i'm not sure if we've got people on the ground who can do forensics. >> although chairman rogers, and indeed dianne feinstein chairman of the senate intelligence committee late today have gonna lot further than the white house has. so i think we need to get the facts straight, but it points in the direction of some chemical weapons used. was it the assad regime or the opposition? >> and this is a huge difference if it's chemical weapons. so where do we go from there? president obama that's the red line that can'ti be passed. red lines come and go with this administration and i think that's part of the problem. i think we have to come back to what the basic american interest is here and that makes sure that no chemical weapons get outside of syria into the hands of terrorists. what that may mean if they're now in fact in use, we are going to have to take some
7:34 pm
steps to destroy weapons in stock piles in arsenals in syria. what we need to protect against is that we don't end up destroying whatever is left of assad's command and control structure in a way that actually sti actual actually facilitates the opposition. and i think the risk of the weapons exiting syria is high enough that we will have to look at using force right now. not against-- not on one side or the other in the hostilities, but to destroy the chemical weapons. >> greta: ambassador, if you'll stand by. we have something else, wait until the viewers see he this one, the video you have to see to believe. and the israeli embassy in washington producing a video tribute to the u.s.-israeli relationship and the new video posted just as president obama heads to israel. here it is. >> warmly welcome president
7:35 pm
obama to israel. our appreciation for what he's done for us. >> the bonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable and the commitment of the united states to the security of israel is iron cl clad. >> ♪ thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again ♪ ♪ your heart is true and thank you for being a friend ♪ >> the obama administration saying the president's trip is mostly a fence mending mission, but it looks like the israelis are welcoming him with open arms. what do you think about this. >> i'm glad the israeli government has enough budget surplus to produce propaganda
7:36 pm
like that. the president has israel back and bonds are strong. what could possibly go wrong? >> ambassador, what is the point, what's the point of this trip? >> well, i think it allows president obama to check the box that he finally managed to make it to israel, but it's significant, obviously, that it comes after the american election. he now goes to israel on his terms and while the visit will be heavy with symbolism and photo opportunities, this is a rare trip in which the substance of the visit will be very divorced from the symbolism. >> greta: you know, i think it's peculiar, this is the greatest friend in the middle east and it's one thing to do fence mending with your pal. but it's one thing for someone not your ally, but it shows the deterioration of what's going on in the past years between the two countries. >> i don't think there's any fence mending on this trip. i think that president obama comes with two messages, one, make more concessions to the
7:37 pm
palestinians, and two, don't even think about attacking iran's nuclear weapons program. so, if people could hear the conversation that president obama and prime minister netanyahu are about to have, i think that obama's 10% approval rating in israel would go even lower. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: okay. now to roger ailes, the man who created and launched fox news in 1996 and has been ever since. a new book gives readers an upclose look at the fox news president. and the author of "roger ailes off camera", nice to talk to you. >> nice to talk to you, too. tell me, when did you first begin talking to roger ailes about this book? >> i talked to roger, i guess in the summer of 2011. >> greta: all right. prior to 2011, i assume that he had some sort of thoughts about what you would be learning when you began the book. did anything surprise you diagnose your investigation and your reporting?
7:38 pm
>> oh, a lot of things surprised me. i'm a fox watcher and i have been for years, but i knew the network somewhat as a viewer, but i was very surprised to see what kind of a leader roger has been, you know, for this network, not just as a television guy, but also the kind of relationships that he has with people who work here. >> greta: the thing that i'm always curious about when people are successful and roger built fox news channel into the number one channel, is why he's successful. do you have a grasp why he's been successful? what's his secret? >> i think that roger knows more about tv than most people and fantastic eye for talent. you're an example of that. and i think that roger was able to see holistically, see that networks not just as a collection of shows, collection of people, but as a kind of casted, you know, 24-hour operation where
7:39 pm
everybody played a part in sort of a team, a team kind of a way. and it's come across. i mean, i think that people relate to fox in a very personal way very often. >> greta: yeah, inside we often don't know as much as people think we might. and i'm curious, what's his relationship like with rupert murdoch? >> it's an interesting relationship. i spent time with them, for example, on election night and you know, the two of them have very friendly exchanges and kid each other, but roger says to me, if you think we're friends, we are friend. but every three months i have to go upstairs and show him the numbers and if they're bad numbers, i'm dead. it's friendship that comes with an economic component. >> greta: let me go back to the political career before he became involved in television and cable news, he was a political strategist
7:40 pm
consultant. he was instrumental, i was surprise today read in your book, that in the ronald reagan, 1984 debate. tell us what happened. >> well, they had, reagan had a bad first debate and people were saying that he was confused and say that he was too old. and roger was brought in as a kind of a debate counselor for reagan and he told reagan, look, you're the president. you've got -- obviously you don't need to impress people with facts and figures, you need to be yourself. and i found out later, as i worked on this book for fox and his advice to everybody when they go on the air is to be themselves. and reagan took the advice and did very well in the second debate. >> greta: and of course, the famous line out of that second debate about mondale's age, at least, that's roger's line? >> i don't think it's roger's line, but everybody around reagan was afraid to mention to him that people thought he
7:41 pm
was too old and roger, who is not afraid of much told reagan directly, you have to come up with something that will address the concern about your age. and reagan came up with that, with that line. >> greta: which was that he wasn't going to make age an issue, mondale's youth and experience, something to that effect. it's a great book and certainly, now, it's funny. you think when-- everyone things we know what's going on inside a big corporation, but i actually learned a lot. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up g.o.p. reports that the republicans rich, stuffy, and sarah palin and michele bachmann, and dr. ben carson have something to say about that. you'll hear from them directly. that's next. in two minutes, a bus driver gets an important call from her son, the marine in afghanistan. why is that call putting your job-- or her job, rather, at risk. that's minutes away. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized
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7:44 pm
>> this one will get you fired up. a florida school bus driver is in trouble, took a call on the job. wait until you hear who called her. it was her son calling from afghanistan, first time in seven months he was able to call his mother. she picked up the phone. >> he said mom, i'm okay, i love you and happy birthday, because my birthday was december 10th and i said, thank you, i love you. and you take care. and that's it. >> greta: but the driver's joy quickly turned to trouble. surveillance video caught her on phone and the school district suspended her for five days. the driver argues if she didn't take her son's call she would have had to wait months for her to call back and there were no children on the bus at the time of the call. the school board agreed to another hearing on the call. what do you think, should the bus driver have been suspended or not? go to and tell us. we're back in two minutes.
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
>> a new report sees g.o.p. party as a party of stuffy old men and the g.o.p. party is trying to change that perception and some setting the stage for the future at cpac. >> it is an honor to be here. we can come together, folks, for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows, we need this. so much of what passes for our national conversation these days is anything but. remember no drama-obama. if only, now it's all drama-obama. we don't have leadership coming out of washington, we will reality television. >> some wanted to turn tail and turn the other way. and some wanted us to change our values and principles, right? others said let's pack up, hold off for four years and regroup.
7:48 pm
tempting as that may sound, this is not what we do as freedom-loving americans. >> in america we need to talk about things that are relevant to where people are and then we need to provide solutions to do this so we need to be optimistic and relevant, but most importantly, we need to be courageous. >> we need to find ways to empower people to leave poverty. we need to find ways to empower small businesses to create jobs. we need to find ways to get government out of the way. so we do need ideas about how to create. >> and this is a country that's for, of and by the people, not for, of and by the government. and if we turn it over to them we cannot complain about what they're doing. this is a natural course of men and we have to hold their feet to the fire. >> i want you to know with absolute confidence who it is that does care about you. it is this movement that's representative in this room all across the country. it's a movement that fundamentally cares so deeply, yet so personally, about
7:49 pm
protecting innocent human lives, about great institutions like the family, about a growing economy, about assuring that we have a strong national defense. we care about these things so much because fundamentally we are the people who truly care about people. we love people in the country and we want everyone to succeed in this country. >> i'm going to talk a little bit about what's logical and what's common sense today because we don't hear a lot of that and i don't think that common sense should be something that's just for conservatives. you know, liberals and everybody else should understand and enjoy common sense, also. for some strange reason, sometimes they don't. >> you see, as conservatives we shouldn't take a back seat to anybody. we have a moral cause, it's not just about balancing budgets, it's not just about giving the economy, and what
7:50 pm
we stand for is not taking things away from people. that's the other side. this president and his ally measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government. we measure success in government by just the opposite, by how many people are no long are dependent on the government, not because we've kicked them out to the streets, not because we've pushed them out to the curb, because we understand in this country that the true way to live the american dream is not to grow up and dream big about being dependent on the government. it's the power of people to control their own destiny through the benefits of a job in the private sector that brings true freedom and prosperity. >> what will we do next? as we go about that, as we talk to one another, listen to what the speakers have to say. let's be clear about one thing. we're not here to rebrand the party, we're here to rebuild a count country. [applaus
7:51 pm
[applause]. we're not here to dedicate ourselves to new talking points coming from d.c. we're not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party. we're not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government give aways, and that's a game we will never ever win. we're here to restore america and the rest is just theatrics, the rest is sound and fury, it's just making noise. and that sums up the job president obama does today. >> greta: now, we all know senator rand paul won the cpac straw poll with senator marco rubio a close second. now is your chance to get involved. go to greta wire and tell you who you want to run in 2016. democrat and republicans candidates. and one of the co-hosts are getting ready to dish, are her "view" co-hosts nervous? that's next. how the bowlful?
7:52 pm
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>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. the nation may soon be getting the dish on the ladies "the view." joy behar could tell all after leaving this summer. that's right, she's leaving after 16 years and hitting the road on a comedy tour. the focus, a back stage look
7:56 pm
at "the view." and behar knows the secrets of the ladies of the view and reportedly not scared to tell all and get ready for jodi arias, the movie. tweeting lifetime casting for jodi arias movie and script portrays her as brutal killer. that's right the trial isn't over yet, but already a casting call for the lifetime movie and the verdict. and a dirty secret the jodi arias story looking for a lead actor to play arias and we asked you who should play arias. one viewer tweets. natalie portman. jennifer love hewitt or mcadams. >> and john stanton tweets, senator randomly clutching a highlights. and senator portman may be over 21, but why is he carrying a six-pack of beer?
7:57 pm
congressman paul ryan tweeting that answer, enjoyed the wisconsin beer, portman. if the badgers beat the buckeyes, dinner is on you. turns out the two republicans made a bet on the basketball game and didn't go well for congressman ryan and okay, my badgers. and senator portman a six-pack from the congressman. it's your turn to hashtag greta and follow me on twitter: @gretawire. what are we talking about tomorrow. the real reason that lindsay lohans was late for court. that's next. in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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